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Oliver was born and raised in Ross County Ohio and was introduced into hunting by his grandfather at age 12. Four years later he picked up a bow and harvested his first buck with it. From that point on he has developed a serious passion for the outdoors and whitetail hunting. During the 2020 season he was fortunate enough to harvest his biggest deer to date, a 210” triple main beam giant. The following season he followed that up with a 166” main frame 10, also harvested with archery equipment. When Oliver is not in the stand, he enjoys spending time on his farms scouting, planting food plots , and implementing other various land management strategies. He also enjoys the videography side of the outdoors, and has harvested and filmed numerous deer and turkey with his friends from Trinity hunting. He has also filmed for Double Lung Outdoors in several different states including filming a 370” bull elk being harvested in Utah. Oliver has two children, Jocelyn and Crew, that he often brings along to help when doing work around his hunting properties, hoping that one day they will share the same passion for the outdoors as he does. It’s safe to say that hunting isn’t just a hobby for Oliver, rather a lifestyle that has opened up several doors for him. He has worked in a professional setting as a register nurse since 2015. Eager and willing, Oliver is someone you can trust to meet your needs when it comes to buying or selling a property.